Ask Your Angels

Relinquish & Refresh Angel Reading

All of us hold on to things which don't serve us or feed our souls. What do you need to SURRENDER from your life in order to create the most positive future possible?


Let go of self-sabotaging choices and relationships. Go with the flow instead of obsessing or feeling the need to control the situation.


A 3-card mini reading providing insightful information will be SENT VIA EMAIL. Once payment is received I will contact you in regards to booking a time for your reading.  I channel Archangels Michael & Raphael who connect with your angels; relaying information back to me.  Once you give me "permission" to read for you, be sure to converse with your angels, and let them know the answers you seek through their guidance. Please be sure to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your first & last name, and your email address.  No further information is required.  $45.00


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