Ask Your Angels

Of Anglican faith, I wasn’t introduced to reincarnation until I stumbled upon Dr. Raymond Moody’s book “Life After Life”. Imagine if you will, a beautifully wrapped, very large gift box sitting in the middle of the room. So visually appealing, you can’t wait to open it! You read the tag; it’s addressed to you. Your excitement is building. Subconsciously you knew the gift was always there, waiting to be unwrapped, only today is the day you finally get to see what’s inside!

I was at the age of 13 when I questioned my belief system, and challenged if there really was a Heaven. The thought of death being permanent sent me to the far ends of despair. “Life After Life” was the first book I read on my spiritual journey. With all its twists, forks, bumps and smooth passages, I’m as excited now about the path I travel, as I was about opening the first page of Dr. Moody’s book.
Dr. Raymond A. Moody appeared on the Ask Your Angels Talk Show  on December 7, 2011.  Click here to view our interview with Dr. Moody.