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Career Clarity & Spiritual Path Angel Reading

Your future is bright with endless possibilities! BELIEVE THAT! Right now, your future is nothing more than a white, blank canvass. You are the artist. You create your own reality...and whatever you give to the universe, will come back to you; so always give with love and best intentions for all!


I'm VERY EXCITED to introduce a brand new reading I've created; one I hope will not only help you with career choices, but will keep you moving forward towards ascension - a higher soul vibration; attracting love, happiness and abundance into your life!


A 12-card reading with 3 (or more) pages of insightful information will be SENT VIA EMAIL. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your reading.


I channel Archangels Michael & Raphael who connect with your angels; relaying information back to me.  Once you give me "permission" to read for you, be sure to converse with your angels, and let them know the answers you seek through their guidance.  $95.00


Love and light,





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