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At the age of 9, my son Dorian, who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder, decided to send his plus polar bear "Tikko" around the world to raise Autism Awareness.  By educating others, Dorian hopes to inspire compassion and acceptance for families living with autism. 


All proceeds from my readings support tikko's journey across the globe.  If you're interested in supporting Dorian's campaign, donations can be made on Tikko's website.  If you wish to see how Tikko is helping families with Autism, please visit Tikko's FACEBOOK page


Together, we make miracles happen!


For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (if "Tikko"-related).


To book a reading, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding payment, and so I know where to send your Angel Reading.  Donations to our Autism Awareness Campaign can be made at  Please keep in mind we do not issue receipts for donations, as we are a "cause" and not a licensed charity.  I am a mom supporting her son's campaign.  (We receive many requests for Tikko throughout the world.  Tikko is shipped via UPS.  All funds raised offset shipping costs, as we never want to say "no" to a family wanting to "JOIN THE JOURNEY".)  ALL DONATIONS WHETHER BY READING REQUESTS OR DONATIONS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!


Thank you so much for connecting with me today!  I'm looking forward to channeling your angels' loving messages.  Please ensure you have submitted your correct email address.  Once funds are received I will connect with you in regards to your reading.  READINGS ARE SENT BY EMAIL.  As I work with ENERGY, I can read for ANYONE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.




       Christine Frances


Many people ask me, "What exactly IS an Angel Reading?" If you believe your soul is here on Earth to learn, grow, and develop in some way...that being here is like going to school, you will relate to what I'm about to say.

In order for our souls to grow, we must have hurdles, challenges, good times and bad, as more often than not, we can either look back and discover these things happened for a good reason, or we learned something valuable from the experience.

Before we come to earth, WE decide what our life will be like, based on what we want to learn. (We may not remember this, so it's sometimes difficult to accept those challenges when they come our way.) Our soul has a Divine's going to school, and it's already chosen its courses. Even so, life has a way of throwing us OFF COURSE. We struggle to get on our path, or we can't decide which path to follow. Some have found their true path and are incredibly content, but still wish to receive confirmation.

Angel readings connect you to your Guardian Angels; those working with you at present; helping guide you towards your Divine path. They may not have the answers you seek, but they will share what you NEED to know. There is no guarantee of where you'll be in ten weeks or ten years for that matter. We have free will. Other factors in life can lead us down a different path. We hold the key to our journey. Angel readings help you find your way; to realize your strengths and weaknesses. They give you direction and a distinct message - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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