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Automatic Writing Reading

Automatic Writing readings are given by my putting pen to paper, connecting directly to Spirit, and writing everything I channel. This is YOUR opportunity to ask QUESTIONS; keeping in mind Spirit will only share what you NEED or can know, as sometimes 'knowing' can throw you off your chosen path, or influence your choices in a negative way. As the universe is constantly changing and is affected by free will, please refrain from asking for specific dates or questions pertaining to your life expectancy.  Please keep in mind I am not a "fortune teller".  Do not ask questions re life expectancy (for example).


As I am merely conveying all that is channelled I have no control over how lengthy your reading will be, yet I will ask ALL your chosen questions. 


10 Questions...BE SPECIFIC!


Insightful information will be SENT VIA EMAIL. I channel Archangels Michael & Raphael who connect with your angels; relaying information back to me.  Once you give me "permission" to read for you, be sure to converse with your angels, and let them know the answers you seek through their guidance. Please be sure to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your first & last name, your email address and your ten questions.  No further information is required.  $175.00


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