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Animal Spirit Guides Reading

Native Americans have great respect for animals; believing them to be Spirit Guides who are here to protect us.  They often celebrate their love of animals through art.  We often see this expression in "Totem Poles" or "Animal Totems".  


An "animal totem" represents an animal you feel a deep connection to.  Whether the animal appears throughout your life, or pops up out of the blue, you "feel" their presence has special meaning.


I share a deep connection with spiders.  It's ironic, having grown up with Arachnophobia.  I always knew when a spider was nearby.  The hairs on my arm would stand on end; and I'd feel chills.  Sure enough, one would be dangling above my head or scurrying towards me from a great distance.  As much as I wanted to repel them, the opposite seemed to be true.


It wasn't until I understood their spiritual essence, did I come to respect spiders.  Spiders are the "weavers of the veil" between Heaven and Earth.  They protect us from that which we choose not to see; yet they keep us connected to souls on the other side.  As I work with Spirit, it makes sense these creatures would stay close; protecting me from negative energies who may try passing through the veil as I open myself up to help others.


Spiders are my ANIMAL TOTEM.  You will have one or more animal totems in your lifetime.  It's helpful to discover which animals are yours.


Based on your present situation, Spirit guides (or loved ones who have passed) will send messages via animals.  If you suddenly find yourself seeing cardinals (for example) everywhere you go, it's likely they are bringing you a message from the beyond.  I can bring their messages to light.  Share what you're experiencing and I will send you my interpretation, based on the messages I receive from your angels.


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