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1   Link   Feng Shui Articles
2   Link   Reiki Healing Health Benefits
3   Link   Spiritual Healing – Understanding Reiki
4   Link   Karmic Cleansing
5   Link   Yoga Journal
Your Online Retreat for Yoga Poses, Classes, Meditation, and Life—On and Off the Mat
6   Link   Yoga Centers - Ontario
Directory of yoga classes in Ontario - listing yoga teachers of all styles and traditions!
7   Link   Yoga Directory Canada
Ontario Yoga workshops, events & retreats OR Retreats abroad organized by Canadians
8   Link   Yoga Retreats and Getaways - Ontario
Yoga Retreats and Yoga Getaways in Ontario, Canada: A Quest for Balance

9   Link   Aura Cleansing Techniques
10   Link   The Ascended Masters
The Ascended Masters - Who Are They?
11   Link   Gemstones and Crystals
Gemstones and Crystals for cleansing, healing, protection and increased psychic awareness.
12   Link   Are You Drinking Enough Water?
Your personal calculation outlining your daily water requirements.
13   Link   Naturally Flavoured Water
A healthy alternative to plain drinking water.
14   Link   Watch Your Water Intake - Too Much Can Be Harmful
Why drinking too much can be harmful to your health.
15   Link   Gifts For The Soul
Even the best of psychics prefer going to another psychic for a reading. We trust our instincts, however, it's always a wise choice in life to strive for a second opinion, if only to ensure you're on the right path. My psychic of choice is Terry Atkinson at Gifts for the Soul in Waterdown. Terry is genuine. I highly respect her. If you're in the Burlington area and would like a personal reading, please drop by and see my friend Terry. You won't be disappointed!
16   Link   Health Qigong Canada Association
Health Qigong Canada Association (HQCA) is an independent Canadian non-profit organization, promoting, teaching and practicing Qigong as a form of exercise for the benefit of fitness, health, well-being and the enjoyment of its practitioners.

17   Link   Qigong
Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese energy (Chi) practice. Qi means energy.

18   Link   Pranic Healing
No-touch energy healing.
19   Link   Angel House - Lily Dale, NY
Lodging in Lily Dale.
20   Link   Removing Negative Energy
Removing Negative Energy Cords