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I was sitting in Denningers with my friend Roselyn one day, having a light lunch while exchanging thoughts. Roselyn talked of a friend whose husband was dying. She went on to say she found an amazing book, Echo Bodine’s “Echoes of the Soul”. Roselyn believed it would help her friend cope with the inevitable. I’d never heard of Echo Bodine before. Roselyn went on to say that Echo was a renowned psychic who wanted to know the absolute truth about Heaven. Therefore, she willed herself to have an out-of-body experience in order to see the other side. Intrigued, I listened intently. However, before Roselyn went into too much detail, I stopped her. I also needed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what I believed to be true was real. So I said, “Before you tell me what Echo said, let me tell you what I believe.” In a brief synopsis, I spilled my heart and soul to my friend. Can you imagine how thrilled I was to find that Echo’s findings were everything I knew to be true? Heaven was giving me an affirmation in the form of Echo’s book.
Once you open yourself up to spiritual knowledge, teachers will come to you in all forms – human, animal or objects. Yes, I have a gift, but do you really think God gave this wonderful gift to a selection of us?
*You have the ability to heal yourself and others. 
*You have the ability to read for yourself and others.
*You have the ability to communicate with the spiritual world.
*You have the ability to reach the stars!
Imagine you are standing in a room with a friend. Your friend is talking to you. You are ignoring him. He may not walk away. Most likely he will try to talk to you again and again. Should you still ignore him, he may stop talking altogether. Angels are always with you. They want to communicate. They want you to hear them. Up until now, you may not have heard them. You may have heard a whisper, and convinced yourself it was your imagination. Now, you are listening. Your angels are thrilled! If you started talking to your friend after many years of neglect I’ve no doubt he’d have a world of information to share with you! The more you open your heart to your angels, the more messages you will hear. My site is simply a stepping stone on your path to awareness. There will come a day when you won’t need my readings anymore. I sincerely hope you use what you’ve learnt to help others on their path to spiritual enlightenment. 
Earth is a school. In order for our souls to graduate we have much to learn. Heaven is Graduation Day.  To go far, we must open our hearts and minds to everything around us. We must help one another reach our goals. We can be teachers, students, or both. On this journey we are never alone. Just as Heavenly Angels assist us, Earth Angels are also needed for our souls to thrive. 

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